• Adults only should operate these lamps and night lights. Small children should never be allowed to operate them.
  • Children should not plug in or unplug portable lamps or night lights, but ask an adult for help.
  • Parents should double-check to ensure the proper wattage bulb is being used in lights.
  • Consumers should handle night lights carefully to ensure that the plug blades are fully inserted into the receptacle. Use caution when handling night lights, and avoid twisting or using any pressure, which can cause components to break off and expose wiring. This can result in risks of electrical shock and burns.
  • Consumers should make sure the night lights or lamps are certified, with labels such as the CSA, UL or ETL.

To avoid disaster, children must be aware of improper use of electric items and the consequences of unsafe behavior. Practicing safe electrical habits early in life will be valuable through out adulthood.

If you have concerns about your outlets or wiring, stop their use and give us a call right away: 502-636-4357!

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