Upgrade Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen LightingHave you ever felt like no matter how you stood, you were in your own light? Often, kitchen lighting is an area that gets neglected when updating a home.

It’s important to upgrade your kitchen lighting for a few reasons. Kitchens have become a gathering space for families. Also, well-lit homes stage and sell better than others. Upgrading your kitchen lighting is a renovation that pays.

Track Lighting

Track lighting, which is available for incandescent, fluorescent, and high- and low-voltage halogen bulbs, provides multiple fixtures that allow you to direct and focus the light where you need it. This can improve visibility into your cabinets, especially deep or corner units.

It’s important to arrange your track lighting in an efficient way that doesn’t shine directly into the eyes.


Undercabinet Lighting

If you’ve got cabinets running all long the walls above your counter, they might cast shadows where you’re trying to do your finely tuned cooking, like dicing and mixing. Improved visibility is very important, especially if you’re wielding blades. And, while track lighting is great, your body can cast shadows from it onto your countertops.

These light fixtures are very simple to retrofit under your hanging cabinets.


Add To Or Upgrade Recessed Lighting

Standard recessed lights, especially those installed in soffits or around the perimeter of a room, tend to light up walls, floors, the front of cabinets and the top of your head—where light isn’t needed in a kitchen.

Learn about retrofitting lights.

Most recessed lights can accommodate a wide array of trims for simple upgrading to fixtures that protrude more to cast better light. A more labor-intensive solution, if you don’t want to have lights sticking out of the ceiling, is to add more lights.

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