Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Energy saving light bulbMeteorological experts are blaming Hurricane Sandy’s potence on global warming and the subsequent warming of oceans. Also, the cold weather season is upon us and we can all relate to cringing at high energy bills. So, let’s talk about some small things we can do to become more energy efficient: use energy efficient¬†light bulbs.

Halogen Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Halogen lighting, known for its very white-toned light, can last about 3,000 hours and are very energy efficient light bulbs. However, most people use a less efficient version in their home without knowing it because they are lower cost and easier to find. These inefficient versions waste a lot of energy through heat and can become very hot…a fire hazard for sure! Check up on the type you’re buying to be sure you’ve got the efficient version.

LED Lights

Standing for light-emitting diode (LED), this energy efficient light bulb uses a semiconductor that lasts much longer than its incandescent counterpart’s. While these light bulbs cost more up front, they last much longer and are considered a more cost-effective option. Keep this in mind when you’re price shopping at the store; the LED light’s efficience and longevity will keep you from paying higher bills or ¬†replacing your bulbs as often.

Fluorescent Lights

Don’t groan. Fluorescent lights have come along way from the sickly colored flickering light we’ve all come to love. New technologies have quieted their buzzing and stabilized the light. However, the filler of this bulb, gas and a touch of mercury, could prove a safety hazard if smashed in a closed environment.

Incandescent Lightbulbs

Our old friend, the incandescent lightbulb. This type is not the most energy efficient light bulb anymore. These bulbs wear out their tungsten filament (that wire that the electricity lights up in the middle) faster than all of the aforementioned options.

At Allen Electrical, we can help you wire your house for top efficiency! If you have any questions about what lighting choice is right for you or any other questions about your home’s electricity, contact us today!

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